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Thirty years ago less than 25% of the tiniest preemies were surviving, now almost 90% survive.  Learning about preterm birth can help increase awareness of the unique needs of preemies and their families.

Here you can find out about General Statistics and Preemie Outcomes. Make sure to have a look...

It is important to be aware that not all babies born preemie will have difficulties, either severe, moderate, or mild, but it is also sensible to be aware of the risk factors so that you, as preemie parents, can do all you can to optimise development, and limit the impact of early exposure to sensory stimulation. Be prepared and armed with knowledge about preemie birth, enables you the ability to seek out help and keep abreast with intervention programs, preemie developmental optimisation, and when professional testing may be valuable.

The chance of a preemie baby surviving outside of the mother’s womb is influenced by a number of factors but mostly it depends on the degree of maturity of the babies organs because this affects;

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