Virtua tennis 2009 jeux pc

You're best waiting until the game's a bit cheaper quite honestly. It has a few bugs (trophies not being rewarded, player clothes randomly changing, online stats not recording correctly) and World Tour mode isn't as good as previous games in the series. Hopefully they'll release a patch but at the moment the game feels like a bit of a rush job.

105MB is the size, but it seems to take ages to download


Io cmq non capisco il senso di inserire l'online nella versione usa e non metterlo nella versione europea

  Jeux vidéo Jeux Jeux Wii Virtua Tennis 2009 Vidéos

Gameplay video Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3) pelistä. Gameplay video from Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3) game. www.mediaka Gameplay video Virtua Tennis 3 (P...

The video was uploaded back in 2009, that's why it was recorded in 4:3 and low quality. I chose Normal difficulty because I'm quite new to this game and I'm ...

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